Nanny Panel Playpen


Create a fun and safe space for your little ones with our Nanny Panel Playpen. This playpen can be made in a range of shapes, so you pick the shape for you.

There are several benefits to having a playpen. By having a playpen, you can put your child in a safe and secure environment, while you catch up on day to day things like going to the bathroom, cooking dinner, or answering an unexpected call. A playpen is an ideal item to keep your children safe for those periods of time were as a parent you need to also facilitate day to day life.

Children will enjoy their own space and by spending some time on independent play your child is learning valuable emotional and physical skills, feeling confident in your absence, and experimenting autonomously. Make our Nanny Playpen a fun space with their favourite toys, allowing your child to be secure and safe and you won’t regret adding one to your home.

Made from strong, robust plastics, so your child is safe and protected. Furthermore, this nanny panel playpen has a unique patented joining mechanism so makes assembling quick and straightforward—no need to worry about panels falling apart or in on each other. Due to the patented snap together mechanism, it adds durability and makes the playpen sturdy.

As the playpen is plastic, there are no sharp edges. In addition, this product is lightweight so you can easily lift the playpen and move it around. This playpen is extendable by simply adding Nanny Panel Playpen Extension Pack.

Explore our full range of playpens today and pick one that suits you and your baby. Furthermore, you can take a look at our baby range. In our range, you can create a calming and safe space for your child. We have a wide range of products from tables and chairs to toy boxes – all ranging in size, colour, theme, and design. For children who a bit older explore our Bedroom Furniture, Plastic Furniture, and Outdoor Play range today.

  • Ages 6 months +
  • Dimensions: H650 x W1140 x D1140mm

Nanny Panel Playpen comes flat packed and is easy to store and transport in its brightly coloured carry box.