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Dolls houses have been a fixture in kids world of play for hundreds of years. The simple reason is that dolls houses offer children the chance to explore and act out situations and experiences from real life in a safe and inconsequential way. Put simply they are great way for children to rehearse for real life. Many dolls houses have become heavily gendered towards girls but given the space and encouragement to explore dolls houses they can become equally engaging and important for boys.

There are many benefits to playing with a dolls house. It is one of the few toy’s children can sit next to each other and play – children will develop social skills as they learn to play co-operatively and share. Emotional intelligence comes from children acting out scenes from everyday life. Spatial awareness is enhanced as children arrange the furniture. A doll’s house will foster open ended and imaginative play. Placing furniture in the desired position, posing figures in the correct way, and moving them through rooms in the house requires delicacy and precision in hands and grip – contributing to the development of fine motor skills. Explore our range of children’s dolls houses that are a fun and functional addition to any bedroom and playroom. The stylish and subtle designs of our products will effortlessly finish off your kid’s bedroom and playroom. Our children’s dolls houses are built with children and everyday life in mind, so we even have dolls houses that can also double up as bookcases - to give your child’s room more versatility as they grow up. Our doll’s houses can be a unique way to store their favourite things.