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Play kitchens have always been one of the most popular kid’s toys. However, these are not just simple toys as they bring a whole series of positive benefits to children. From teaching and educating children in important life skills and personality traits through to improving maths skills and food knowledge they are full of educational and developmental value. You seldom see children more happy than when playing with friends or siblings – and when using a play kitchen you will see cooperation at play as one cooks and the other washes up in a great example of developing teamwork.

Sharing can be a difficult skill to teach children but with a play kitchen they will quickly learn to share food and utensils. They will also learn how to communicate effectively and if you incorporate shopping lists or waiter orders into play time then they will also start to learn to read and write. Children get to understand responsibility by keeping their kitchen clean and organising where everything goes. Our range of play kitchens are a perfect, practical, fun addition for bedrooms, playrooms, and homes. Our kitchens have realistic detailing, opening, and closing doors, draws, ovens and much more. Equally, if you want more help developing their imaginations we have a great range of other playtime toys. Looking for something more practical, take a look at our activity play tables, hours of fun in one piece of furniture.